RNS Navi Locks

OWNERS of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles

It Literally takes less then a minute for a thief to steal your Navigation Unit. Cars Are at great risk having a RNS 510 RNS 315 Nothing can be worse then coming to your car in a morning to discover it has been broken into and the Navigation unit is missing alongside a broken window and a damaged Dashboard . You have glass all over your car 

After a number of brake-ins in through out the UK , Thief’s are targeting   navigation systems. The “navigation lock”  is for the VW’s RNS 310 and RNS 510 nav systems. Created for the two systems, the RNS Navilock is a mechanical protection with a solid anti tamper lockable cover. The cover consists of a metal plate, sporting the same powder finish as the rest of the interior. 

The lockable metal plate covers the entire navigation system, theoretically obscuring the hardware and making it more difficult to steal in the process. When owners are ready to go, they simply unlock the plate using a key. 




Costs range from £299 to £350 for the navigation lock system Including full fitting

The Navi Lock is a special order item .

Please call us on 01274 317861

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