Air Bag Light on Car failed Mot? Needs Resetting or clearing we have all the relevant tools to Diagnose all Airbag Faults. We offer a Mobile Diagnostic service Throughout Bradford


what causes crash data?

  • Car involved in an accident
  • Airbags deployed

Car Tech UK offers a service to repair or clear the crash data stored in the vehicle Airbag electronic control unit also know as the airbag ecu

We clear and reset both the fault and crash data codes inorder for you to save £££’s and re-use your existing control unit. Once we have cleared this crash data your unit becomes like new again and is ready for use

At Car Tech UK we can clear almost any  airbag ecu module for most makes and models. Dealerships can only carry out basic diagnostics in order to try and turn you airbag light off. They cannot clear the actual crash data stored within the ecu.

Airbag Reset

Airbags and airbag ecu’s are designed only to be used once which is true for the actual airbag but not anymore for the ecu’s as we can clear all the crash data within them.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you have now repaired it but its  still displayiing the airbag light or not starting eventhough you have replaced the airbags or seat belt tensioners. This is most likey due to the crash data stored in the ecu.

You need not worry or spend £££’s on new airbag modules as we at Car Tech UK can have your airbag ecu back to you the very same day as good as new.

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